UPM Code of Conduct

Regardless of the location, circumstances or people involved, we are committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations, as well as our Code of Conduct.

UPM Code of Conduct emphasises respect – for other people, the environment, and ethical business practices. This respect helps us build trust inside and outside UPM and be seen as a trustworthy employer, partner, supplier, and customer.


Our principles under UPM Code of Conduct

  • We are committed to integrity
  • We respect people and human rights
  • ​We take care of our environmental impact and product safety
  • ​We have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery
  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • ​We comply with competition law
  • We protect our assets and information
  • We know with whom we trade
  • We engage with our stakeholders and society
  • We voice our concerns

UPM Code of Conduct

Every choice matters



Voice your concerns – Report misconduct

All stakeholders play a crucial role in maintaining the UPM standards of integrity. One of the most important ways to contribute is by reporting any knowledge or suspicion you may have of unethical behaviour. 


Do you suspect there has been misconduct or unethical behaviour?

Misconduct is behaviour that is not in line with the UPM way of doing business, i.e. violations of the UPM Code of Conduct, UPM Supplier and Third-Party Code, corporate policies or applicable laws.

There are multiple ways you can report misconduct or unethical behaviour

  • Discuss the situation with your UPM contact person or make a report to other local UPM points of contact.
  • You can also report your concerns anonymously online via the UPM Report Misconduct channel – SpeakUp®. Reporting is possible in over 40 languages and you can also voice your concerns by phone.

UPM has a policy of non-retaliation against anyone who has reported suspected misconduct in good faith.


UPM Report Misconduct channel – SpeakUp®

Make a report online

Make a report online

UPM Report Misconduct channel – SpeakUp®
Make a report by phone

Make a report by phone

Download PDF to find your local phone number

The platform for the UPM Report Misconduct channel – SpeakUp® – is provided by an external service supplier, SpeakUp. It allows anyone to raise concerns confidentially, and anonymously if they wish.

For common business enquiries, customer complaints or product support requests, please use the general UPM feedback form.